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"Royalty does not pass your aura, [it] creates it!

~Zinda Dil

It is my belief that everyone should feel like royalty and every event is just like your coronation day. As a baker, many of my best moments in herstory were centered around desserts.

Knowing that I can give someone the feels with one of my sugary sensations is what drove me to start dragée. At the same time, much of my baking inspiration comes from the greats!  I'm talking about the Divas & Queens that believe in giving you 100 and kicking their stilettos to the next level.

Dragée is my homeage to the greatest divas of our time and the art form of drag, while spreading fierceness and fabulosity to the masses.  

Each of my treats is a shablam for your taste buds.  At dragée, the goal is to have everyone feeling the fantasy with our bold colors and over the top flavors & designs, all while adding a decadence & sparkle to your lives.

Because let's face it,

Why choose between sprinkles & sparkles when you can have both?

Blue Sparkles
Blue Sparkles
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